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Our virtual desktop allows every user to access all the cooperation tools and your files.

Virtual Involve is aninteractive virtual platform that features various virtual immersive settings to holdmeetings, conferences, and remote training-sessions.. Users meet to create, share, and learn in a customisable and scalable virtual space.

Virtual Involve was created to meet the needs of companies that need periodic and remote connection with co-workers, customers, professional coaches and prospects, that might ask for a demo of products and services.

The applications and implications of its use allowed the relevant market to increase 106%from 2019 to 2020.

Thanks to Virtual Involve, companies have the possibility to improve their communication, to better appeal to customers, to improve their positioning as digital brands and even to increase their net turnover,by reducing costs and travel time. Being a product of worldwide use, the contexts can be variable depending on the country where its commercialization is focused.


Communicate with everyone or only with some of the colleagues in the virtual room. Check all the info that users share from your virtual desk.


Show multimedia content in various formats (pdf, video, 3D-models, etc) to all users or to reduced groups of users, and interact with them.


Verify all the data and issue analytics documents on what happens in the virtual environment, thanks to a control panel, through which you can check the users’ behaviour in the room, their head and hand movement, a thermic map with the points to which the users direct their glance, the connection time to the virtual space, and voice tone.


Upload files before the virtual meeting. Share a space where you can upload all your documents. For example, if you downloaded the file provided by a teacher, you’ll be able to upload it again with your notes, and decide if you want to share it or not with the other users.


Interact with the shared multimedia files during the meeting (zoom in, rotate, move, detail, etc).

Highlight or erase with a pointer the multimedia elements (pdf, video, 3D-models, etc) that you share with the users
Virtual Involve was created to give everyone access to a communication platform that allows users to meet, learn and train.

Briefly, and after being included inside Canvas, the main added value of the platform is the improved interaction the various teams will be able to experience, while remotely working.


This software allows the user to focus more, to absorb better the ideas, and has 3D models and charts for an improved retention of the teachings.


Following remote activities will be easier, and with a deeper interpersonal relation, in comparison with a videoconference or chat.


It has the possibility to schedule periodic meetings, giving more chances to share and communicate with your co-workers.


Lastly, if we add the reduction of costs and carbon footprint, “Virtual Involve®” platform results as a winning choice. 

The 3D avatars replicate the users’ head and hand movements, granting a non-verbal communication, that goes beyond the mere vocal one, whereas the audio features allow a clear understanding of the position of other users around you.

The avatars can directly look at each other, touch, perform gestures and much more; the communication possibilities are close to those of physical meetings.

Users might be in any place in the world, but in Virtual Involve can meet as if they were there in person.


Virtual Involve providesvarious immersive virtual rooms that allow the users to learn, create, cooperate, plan, and effectively decide, also when the participants are physically separated. All the rooms are scalable, according to the necessities of the customer or the event itself.

These spaceshelp to convey the feelingof presenceand provide the perfect environment for the meeting. You can hold your meeting in one of the many existing spaces provided, or build yourcustomised rooms, according to your specific necessities.

Virtual Involve can be built from scratch to create completely customised environments, following the brand style or the necessities of the customer.

It is also possible to customise all the tools of the platform and add new ones according to the necessities.

With Virtual Involve users can enter a 360-degrees live-streaming all together and check out the situation in real time.

The simplicity with which a meeting can be organised makes it easy to schedule more, thus improving the internal communication. 

The improvement of internal communications, allows for an improvement in decisional dynamics as well. Furthermore, arguments substantiated by virtual charts, images, or videos result in more authoritative decisions

The wider use of videoconferences is a great nudge for enterprises. With companies like Skype, it is now unnecessary to be all in the same physical space to take decisions. 

Although largely beneficial, traditional videoconferences have several setbacks in comparison with a conventional meeting. 

Not being in a shared environment, makes non-verbal communication impossible.

With Virtual Involve these limits cease to exist, and remote meetings can be more interactive, have non-verbal communication and immersive features. 

 In Virtual Involve users can create avatars, have their own gestures, and move in the environment. This makes it easier to understand how much attention they are paying, and how interested they really are, for instance.  

With Virtual Involve these meetings can be held in a more natural and immersive way. Avatars share a virtual space. Inside this simulated space, they can interact to an extent impossible with smartphones or webcams. 

Virtual reality meetings have several advantages for companies. The most evident is that they allow users to meet and interact, erasing the transfer expenses. Virtual reality conferences allow for an improved supervision of projects that are carried out far from the headquarters. 

The participants to these meetings can also control the virtual environment to offer more detailed info in comparison with a videoconference. The users can, for example, draw charts in the virtual environment, that the other users can see and interact with 

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